ZKTeco BG300

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Product Specification

Usage/Application Parking Gate barrier
Color yellow
Arm Material Aluminium
Brand ZKTeco
Size Max 6m
Weight 43KG
Automation Grade Automatic
I Deal In New Only
Model Name/Number BG300

The BG300 barrier is designed with a yellow chassis, and the shape is generous and beautiful.

Using high-performance DC brushless motor, stable and reliable operation, long life; embedded core control system, with fast response speed, rich function expansion and other characteristics, it is a cost-effective car barrier.

 The fastest operating speed is 1.5s, the speed can be adjusted according to different
boom arm length.
• Digital control monitoring, support delay automatic close functions.
• High safety, support power off manually rise boom arm, anti - smash functions.
• The position of the angle of rise / fall can be adjusted, and the digital encoder is
adopted to limit the position automatically, replacing the traditional limit structure,
and the position control is accurate.
• The barrier boom will rebound when it is blocked.
• Invertibility left and right direction, simple and compact transmission mechanism,
easy to install on site.

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